The Formula Creation and Editing System module, AromaCIS™  was developed specifically for cosmetics, fragrance and flavor industry with the premise that a developer chemist’s expertise lies in creating not bookkeeping.  The AromaCIS™ system enables the user to concentrate more energy on the creative process and less on the clerical.  Thus, the AromaCIS™ system achieves increased productivity without sacrificing quality.

Some features allow the perfumer to see and compare in one screen different formulas, even create new versions just in one click and change it without exit of the editor screen.

Regulatory checks can be executed on-line, wither, according to the perfumer requirements of based in  a CAC (Customer-Application-Country) combination identified in the project.

The system is able to send the formulas created, as well as, the technical information related with, to a SAP system or eny other ERP using Web Services which run special APIs developed to integrate this system.


The heart of the creative system is the Formula Editor. The Formula Editor allows the user to enter formula contents while automatically calculating values in real time.



*      View four formulas simultaneously.

*      Check compliance during the formulation (ICheck)

*      Supports multiple levels of sub-formulas.

*      View any number of other properties of the formula along with the formula.

*      List ingredient and amount specified.

*      Display total parts and RMC (Raw Material Cost) for each formula.

*      Supports “What If” costing of formulas.

*      Create and store accords.

*      Add personal notes to ingredients or formulas.

*      Add, change and delete ingredients from the cost  book.

*      Include technical information about any ingredient.

*      Add property information for the indicated ingredient.

*      Add labeling information (i.e. kosher, natural).

*      Print a full list of ingredients.

*      Lookup or search ingredient lists.

*      «Where Used» Look-up.


The Formulas are the main active of a company dedicated to the creation and develop of new products. Having a good and controlled data base is one of the main objectives to keep under control the creation efforts.

A complete set of tools provides to the developers, create, edit, compare ingredientes of more than one formula in the screen, calculate the cost, check main regulations, etc. in order to speed up the creation time.

A workflow of acceptance leads the formulas developed by the technicians in its own workspace when the formula is finished.