Trifoil system is developed to cover all the product LiveCycle. Since the customer wish a new formula till we deliver the result. On this suite, all the participants in the selection or development of a new Product have a role to play, as well as the Laboratory where the formula will be compounded.

The Profile and Project Tracking System, ProCIS™, functions as a formula information manager, tracking requests for submission from start to finish.  Included in this powerful information manager is the ability to add, view and store application, testing and evaluation information.  Easy-to-use data forms permit the clear entry and retrieval of evaluation data, formula testing information, submission history, adoption history, and sales requests as well as a customer information file.



Watch a introduction of ProCis (Commercial Projects management)


Perhaps the strongest feature of ProCIS™ is the extensive search capability the program offers. There are several search options available from the various menus.  Once a library has been established, this feature enables quick retrieval of specific information.  Below is a brief examination of the power of this search tool.

  • Search Profile Data Files.  Users may search for a profile or profiles that meet specific criteria. The search can be conducted based upon such criteria as fragrance type, application, selling price or raw material cost.
  • Search Submission Information.  ProCIS users may need to recall a submitted formula.  Evaluation criteria for this search includes application, adoption history, quoted price as well as many others.
  • Search Application Results.  You can locate a formula for an application based on previous product test results stored in the system. Search criteria includes application, initial odor and color as well as final and overall odor and color.
  • Search Evaluation Data.  Use evaluation data to retrieve specific formulas and search for profile candidates.  This feature permits searches based on descriptors, application, raw material cost, and submission and adoption data.


After a sales profile is entered into ProCIS™, it’s recommended:

  • A Project Check: in order to identify missing information
  • A Project Evaluation: in order to determine the feasibility of the project taking into account the potential, customer, the application, etc
  • Identify the project and typify it
  • Assign a Project Manager which will be the responsible of achieve the dates, be the single point of contact with the salesmans and coordinate the delivery of the samples and the documentation required.

The developer receives the profile information through a message queue and start the process of formula creation.

The formula, either from the developer or from the exiting formula library search, is recommended.

The formula is evaluated and submitted.

A sample request is created and the information is sent to the compounding area.

In parallel the Marketing department works in the commercial documentation to be send together the samples.

The project could be closed with the corresponding result (Win or Loosed)

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