We have developed our professional career in the consulting sector with a very specific development in the chemical and manufacturing sector, especially in the fragrances and flavors (F&F), FMCG and cosmetics sector. This has led us to develop a series of specific solutions for these types of companies, including this system.
Nowadays most of the companies tries to implement automatic solutions in all their processes and, at the same time, looking for the integration inside their actuals ERP avoiding isolated solutions and extra workloads to keep their data updated. WCS offers a full and integrated solution for Laboratories and Production plants which their core business is the compounding of raw materials based into a formula, since an small laboratory until a big industrials production plant. WCS is a flexible and user friendly solution adaptable to each company and adaptable to several equipments.
  • Complete and integrated solution for laboratories and production plants where dosing control is needed, such as fragrances, chemicals, etc., each production in batch mode.
  • WCS is an adaptable solution that is independent of the weighing equipment used in your laboratory or manufacturing plant. It is suitable for connecting manual or digital scales as well as automatic batching robots such as Roxane, Contexa or any other manufacturer.
  • Integration of the different databases of a company in a single program. Allows to have the databases well managed and integrated.
  • WCS easily integrates with SAP or any other existing ERP solution in your company through a set of interfaces that allows real-time communication.
  • Orders are managed entirely by the system. Sending to robots or chemical reactors, manual weighing management, stock control system (SGA) and all this controlled by bar & Qr code readers which avoids human error.

Integration with ERP and plant equipment

Production Orders Management

Manual Manufacturing

Material Receipt Management

Stock Planning

Operators Management

Quality Control

Module that allows to include the Quality Control process in the production process, allowing the introduction of the results during the manufacturing process. It allows to define or import the inspection plans and offer the operators the characteristics to be verified and their control parameters.

What will make a difference to my company?

  • By automating processes, you will have your employees working more productively and involved in the system.
  • You will have real-time information to make intelligent decisions on Leverage of resources (raw materials, components…).
  • It will add value to your company by differentiating you from your competitors in terms of speed, quality, resource improvement and production capacity.

Is this system suitable for me?

As engineers from the formulation industry, we know the dynamics and processes involved very well.
Our system is specially developed for your sector.

It is not a cost, it is an investment.

It is an investment that allows your company to be more productive and consequently earn more money.

For example, in our latest project, we have increased production capacity by 30%. We have achieved better communication between the existing resources. We have integrated two manufacturing robots into the production process together with the operators, they now work as a team. The key is to optimize the capabilities of each of the resources.

But... I already have these systems.

You may have standard modules that partly fit, but not specific solutions as complete as the ones proposed in this system.
Are you sure you have specific systems for your business?