Once the Formula has been selected and submitted for a particular customer, then is the moment when the Laboratory has to prepare the physical sample.

SamTrack is the part of this suite that allow to the Laboratory users to manage the information regarding the Samples requests. These Sample Requests could come either from the Evaluators or Developers. The operators works with a queue where he can identify each Sample Requests and start it preparation. Once the Sample/s are finished, the operator informs to the system and prepare the shipment to the final customer.


  • The Laboratory receive the Sample Requests ina a organized manner.
  • All the stakeholders are aware about the status of the samples.
  • Differetiation of samples from existing formulas and from the ones that should be compounded in new batches.
  • If the custormer use a Laboratory software (like WCS) the system can be connected and produce the batches through the Lab software.


The main benefit resides in the integration of the Laboratory with the rest of organization. The Samples Requests are well organized and the timeimgs are under control.